FX Fearless Factory

An infinite well of contents

To celebrate and showcase FX’s new app, FXNow as well as their content line up, We Are Matik was tasked to create a number of activation experiences for the FX Fearless Factory at SXSW in 2015. Experiences included: Infinity Box, Mosaic Tablet Wall, and Interactive Content Tables




FX | Infinity Box

End tables with tablets integrated into the sides created what appeared to be an infinite well of content from the app.


FX | Mosaic Tablet Wall

A tablet wall consisting of 50 various mobile devices, showcased app functionality across device while serving as a complementary backdrop to the bar area.



FX | Interactive Content Tables

A 80” touch-based, interactive table served as the main activation to allow attendees to navigate and learn about the plethora of FX shows and functionality featured on the new app. Smaller tables incorporated the same functionality through tablets and other integrated mobile devices.