Samsung Galaxy Studio

Transforming a store into a playground

As part of an on going pop-up experience in New York since Nov. 2013, We Are Matik, in collaboration with PMK*BNC for the Samsung Galaxy Studio, created 4 different activation types, (Tablet Wall, Interactive Kids Table, 3D Landscape and 180 Camera), to live within the space and serve as a means for attendees to play with and explore Samsung Galaxy product features in an interactive and engaging way.


Brand Experience


Entrance Design | Tablet Wall
Highlighted Product | Samsung Galaxy Tabs

A tablet wall consisting of 49 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1s were matrixed together to form a visual display that featured product functionality through various animated scenes that were updated seasonally.


Activation | Interactive Kids Table
Highlighted Product | Samsung Galaxy Tab 8s

By drawing a pathway on one of two Samsung Galaxy Tab 8s, consumers could create virtual train tracks that appear on an interactive table to guide a moving custom-built train toy.



Activation | 180 Camera
Highlighted Product | Samsung Galaxy Note 3s

In this unique photo op, 22 Samsung Galaxy Note 3s placed side by side capture a scene from different angles simultaneously. The results are stitched together to create a 180 degree rotational GIF image which could be shared by consumers through social media or by email.



Activation | 3D Landscape
Highlighted Products | Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 & S Pen

A diorama-inspired, 3D landscape allowed consumers to customize and contribute different scenic elements in real time by drawing on one of a series of Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2s. Various animations could be triggered upon interaction.