Samsung Sensory Vignettes

3 immersive environments activating your senses

For the Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge launch event in Los Angeles (Quixote Studio) and New York (Cedar Lake Studio), We Are Matik in partnership with PMK*BNC created 3 sensory vignettes allowing attendees to immerse themselves in the features and design of the Galaxy S6 products. All 3 sensory vignettes are 8’(w) x 8’ (l) x 8’(h) in dimension. The exterior is laminated black with its edges lit to give the cube-like vignettes floating presence in the venue. Also the entrance / exit doors are designed as gimbal to keep the cube-like structure visually pure, and the entering experience similar to unexpected secret passageways.




Vignette 1 | Tactile Sense
Highlighted Feature | Form Design

The first vignette was a tactile exploration of the S6 Edge’s design: the new form factor, metal/gorilla glass and curved edge screen. As the guests physically touched the 3 products by “swiping” “tapping” and “dragging” in the center of the enclosed vignette space, corresponding sound and visuals would echo in all directions and surfaces lined with mirrors.


Vignette 2 | Visual Sense
Highlighted Feature | Camera

The second vignette provided a personalized experience around the updated camera and its improved functions. The guests were guided by Samsung brand ambassadors to take photos using Galaxy S6 devices with a custom made photo app by WeAreMatik. The app was created to produce take-away photos that integrate guests’ unique answers to questions driven from the brand’s campaign. The resulting photos were sharable on social media through the app and were streamed in TVs located throughout the venue for guests outside the vignettes to view.


Vignette 3 | Audible Sense
Highlighted Feature | Performance

The third vignette celebrated all things performance; highlighting the Galaxy S6’s wireless charging technology with visuals and immersive audio. Guests would place the product on the wireless charging station activating the entire vignette, transforming the environment into an immersive changing indicator. With fluid like dynamics and synchronized motion graphics, features of wireless charging and how quickly a Galaxy S6’s battery can recharge are experientially demonstrated.

Galaxy S6 Performance Vignette