Sonos CyFi Lab

Exploring the transformation of Sonos’s HiFi sound into immersive “cymatic” patterns

We Are Matik in collaboration with Sonos for Re/code Code Conference 2014 had the pleasure of creating an immersive audio / visual experience exploring the transformation of Sonos’s HiFi sound into immersive “cymatic” patterns. Cymatics, being the study of visible sound and vibration, was the medium through which We Are Matik explored this naturally occurring phenomena. By capturing these one of a kind occurrences and translating the visual results into an immersive experience, the tech-world influencer attendees of the conference got to experience how nature “VJs” dynamic patterns responding to the sonic qualities of different music tracks without direct human influence. The installation consisted of 3 experiment stations, each featuring different Sonos speaker configurations resonating through various materials (microparticles, non-newtonian fluid and liquid). The results were captured by HD cameras in real-time and revealed via 47′x 12′ LED wall.




Sonos CyFi Lab

Experiment | Play:1
Cymatic Substance | Microparticles

Known for it’s “wider, bigger and deeper sound,” the Sonos Play:1 in a stereo pair, coupled with two 22 gauge steel plates allows for the resonance from each left and right channel speaker to affect the layered microparticles in such a way that the frequencies form unique “cymatic” patterns to allow one to visually compare the difference in sonic outputs of your favorite songs.


Experiment | Playbar
Cymatic Substance | Non-Newtonian Fluid

Featuring 9 amplified speakers: 6 midrange and 3 tweeters, the non-newtonian fluids resting atop each speaker of the Sonos Playbar become more viscous when disturbed. Visibly see how the sonic detail from subtle whispers to thunderous bass of each speaker seemingly translate from a liquid rest state to an animated solid appearance with various effects all dependent on the sonic palate of the selected track.


Experiment | Sub
Cymatic Substance | Liquid

The Sonos Sub, known for its impressive expression of immersive layers of low end frequencies down to 25 Hz, impacts the liquid resting above like sound affects air. Visually see and experiment with how different low frequencies generate visual output from the centralized spike from the thump of an 808 drum to the broader rippling effect of a consistent recurring bassline groove.

Behind The Scenes