The Curl Experience


For Paul Mitchell’s “The Gathering” 2012 in Las Vegas, We Are Matik designed and developed a series of interactive experiences to set the tone for Paul Mitchell’s new “Curls” product release.

Attendees begin their interaction in The Curl Experience with a walk through a maze-like tunnel of projection-mapped walls playing desaturated videos of curly-haired models confessing their day-to-day challenges with naturally curly hair. The viewers are immersed in an audio and visual experience that culminates with their opportunity to record their own confessions in our “Confession Booths” situated at the end of the tunnel.

The end of the Confession Tunnel transitions into Paul Mitchell’s Curl World, where visitors familiarize themselves with The Curls product line which is designed to tame, yet accentuate naturally curly hair. In contrast to the desaturated, monochromatic “Confession” area at the beginning of the experience, the Curl World area is more upbeat with vibrant colors and lively music, signaling a frizz-free future.